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Welcome to Petersen Business Solutions!

Outsource your Bookkeeping, CFO, Payroll and Accounting Services to us.
We are more cost effective than employing finance and bookkeeping staff. We offer cloud based, paperless solutions with no admin worries.
We are able to charge less as we work remotely.
Customised financial reports to suit your business needs.

About Us

We are a young savvy modern advisory firm of accountants who can offer you fresh business ideas for today's world.

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The future is brighter when you're more prepared. We bring you the breath of our experience and industry knowledge to help you succeed.

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We offer a wide array of accounting services aimed at simplifying your life

Accounting Services

Bookkeeping services,
Setup of accounting systems and procedures,
Fixed asset register maintenance,
Electronic purchase order management system,
Electronic receipt management system,
Staff training,
Bookkeeping catch up and clean up services,
Audit preparation services,
Monthly Management Accounts

CIPC Services

Annual Return Filing at CIPC,
New Company Registrations (Tax, B-BBEE, UIF and Compensation),
Company Share Certificates,
Changes to Company Directors or Close Corporation Members,
Private Company name changes or address changes,

Virtual CFO

Manage cost, cash flow and financial projections,
Scenario modelling,
Weekly reporting on key financial indicators,
Provide the data for tough business decisions,
Reporting on monthly management accounts,
Financial modelling,
Bank financing, funding and investor preparations,
Board meetings,
Ad hoc services,

Payroll Services

Capture and maintenance of new staff unto payroll software,
Generation of weekly, monthly payslips,
Generation of yearly IRP5,
Submission of UIF monthly returns,
UI-19 employers declarations,
Electronic payslip for staff,
Monthly EMP201 submission to SARS,
Yearly/Bi-annual EMP501 recon and submission to SARS,
Return of Earnings submission to Compensation Commissioner,

Tax Services

Individual tax (ITR12),
Provisional tax (IRP6),
Company Income Tax Return (ITR14),
Tax Clearance Certificate,
Tax Status Pin (Tender and Good Standing),
SARS verification audits,
Tax planning,
Monthly EMP201 submission to SARS,
Yearly/BIn-annual EMP 501,
VAT 201 return submission to SARS,
Assistance with Updating SARS Public Representative,
VAT Registration,

Cloud Accounting Services

Setup and customisation,
Invoice setup,
VAT setup,
Live Bank Feed setup,
Staff Training,
Monthly accounting reviews,
Backlog bookkeeping cleanups,
Mobile app setup,
Receipt scanner setup,

Financial Statements

Close Corporations,
Sole proprietors,
Non profit organisations,
Private Companies,
Schools, Trust and Partnerships,
Independent reviews - Public interest score below 100,
Compilation engagements,
Accounting Officer duties,

Digital Services (Coming Soon)

Mobile App for your business,
Website development,
SEO services,
Email hosting,
Accounting automation,
Marketing videos,

Virtual landline for your business

Before Petersen Business

Tired of traditional accounting methods like Pastel Accounting and manual bookkeeping? Struggling with delayed VAT report filing and a lack of real-time business insights? It’s time for a change. Embrace the era of with Petersen Business Solutions. Experience real-time, accessible reporting on your cell phone and sync your bank to your accounting system for instant allocation.

Old accounting New accounting

With Petersen Business

at Petersen Business Solutions and transform your business accounting for efficiency and precision. Learn more about our Virtual CFO and and discover how modern practices can elevate your business. Book an today – it’s more than accounting, it’s the path to a financially healthy and prosperous business.

More about Petersen Business Solutions

Your Reliable Accountants in Cape Town and why you should Choose us!

About Us: Experience and Expertise Combined

At Petersen Business Solutions, we are more than just accountants. We’re your go-to team of experienced accountants and based in the heart of Cape Town. As a blend of the traditional foundation of accounting, combined with modern, savvy business insights, we offer captivating fresh business ideas that have a real impact on your business growth. From Accounting, Tax, Payroll, Financial Statements & CFO Services, we offer full house of services to cater for every business.

The Best Accountants in Cape Town

Business can be a treacherous journey, but not when you have the best accountants in Cape Town by your side. We are keenly equipped with the latest accounting tools, techniques, and the comprehensive industry knowledge that sets us apart. Choosing us means you’re not just opting for an accounting service – you’re choosing a trusted business partner.

Transformative Accounting Services

Proper financial management can be the difference between chaos and growth. Our comprehensive accounting services are designed to organize, streamline and make your business’s financial operations efficient. Say goodbye to the hassle and embrace the growth that comes with exceptional financial management.

Bookkeeping Services for Clear Financial Health

From accounts receivable to financial statements, our meticulous bookkeeping services offer you clear insight into your business’s financial health. By outsourcing your bookkeeping to us, you free up time to focus on what you do best – running your business.

CFO Services for Strategic Financial Planning

Our CFO services offer the strategic financial advice you need to make informed business decisions. Our expert CFOs provide critical financial intelligence, from cost management to financial projections, enabling you to make inform decisions that align with your business goals.

Affordable Digital Accountants for Today's Business

In a digital age, your business needs a compatible accounting solution. As digital accountants, we offer cloud-based, paperless solutions for an affordable, flexible, and efficient accounting service. Our remotely delivered services eliminate unnecessary administrative hassles, ensuring you get more value for your money.

Tailored Accounting Services to Suit Your Needs

Every business is unique, and so are its financial management needs. At Petersen Business Solutions, we understand this and we customise our accounting packages to suit your specific requirements. Our dedicated accountants in Cape Town create tailored financial reports, bringing you the right financial data and analysis you need to succeed with expert tax advice and services.
With Petersen Business Solutions, you’re choosing more than just an accounting service. You’re choosing a business partner dedicated to your success. Welcome to a brighter future where we help you prepare for success, one financial statement at a time.

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